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You might know me from the radio.

I'm a guest on By Any Means Necessary every Tuesday talking about Big Tech and the national surveillance state, and also sometimes appear on other shows including The Critical Hour and Political Misfits. I've also appeared on RT en EspaƱol and Al Mayadeen.
I was also a regular guest on Loud & Clear from 2018 to 2020.

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I write and talk tech & security!

Over at my site Tech for the People where I also have a weekly-ish podcast called The Reboot with anthropologist Rae Jereza. The Reboot is what happens when a technologist and an anthropologist get together to talk big tech, workers' rights, privacy and more.

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I do digital security trainings

And they're for everyone. My trainings are for everyday people, businesses, community organizations, political activists - anyone who uses the Internet. Tech for the People Security Trainings are designed to help you understand the various risks you face and mitigate them.
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