Sputnik News: Number of Travelers' Electronics Probed by US Border Agents Spikes 174 Percent

I commented on a story for Sputnik News regarding revelations that Customs and Border Patrol inspections of cell phones & computers at the border had increased significantly, and that CBP agents had a habit of not following their own protocols for deleting data they copied from those devices.

"There are many risks with having this data in the hands of agents or the government. Release of the copied data, whether intentionally or through third-party hackers, could have devastating effects on the people impacted," Garaffa said. "Rogue agents could use the data gathered for themselves, to target, harm or stalk people who they deem to have been uncooperative to them."

The "idea that the US government is collecting this data in the first place is an outrage… In fact, this type of data collection should be considered a violation of the Fourth Amendment," he said.

Read the full article at Sputnik News.