Loud & Clear: Technology Rules #24

In my weekly segment Technology Rules on Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear, I spoke with Brian Becker and John Kiriakou about the fact that much-maligned Russian antivirus company Kaspersky actually helped the NSA catch the contractor who allegedly leaked some of their software, why William Barr is a terrifying AG nominee for those concerned about privacy, and how toys for kids and ankle bracelets for teenagers are making young people complacent with the security state.
We also discussed the fact that El Chapo’s trial revealed that the feds caught him - in part - by compromising not his secure communications system but instead the guy who ran them, Facebook’s Android SDKs sharing data with Facebook even if you don’t have Facebook installed, issues with Amazon’s Ring security cameras, and the major story from Motherboard that T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T sold your real-time location data.

Listen online at Radio Sputnik or on Spreaker. The segment airs live every Monday at 4:30 Eastern.