Tech for the People Security Training

Online security should concern everyone - everyday people, businesses, community organizations, political activists – anyone who uses the Internet. Tech for the People Security Trainings are designed to help you understand the various risks you face and mitigate them.

We all have different security needs, so the planning for every session begins with me getting an understanding of what threats you might face through an easy, non-technical phone or email conversation. You might need more of a focus on how to use a password manager and make sure your passwords haven’t leaked, or which messaging apps to use - and which to avoid. Or you want to understand how to keep your hardware itself secure.

Each training also includes a follow-up PDF with detailed information on what was covered so participants can review on their own.

Who should sign up for a training? Everyone! I’ll come to your family & friends, community or political organization, workplace, conference or other venue.

Please note: Discounts are available for community groups and small-budget non-profit organizations. Prices are valid for travel in Connecticut and Westchester County, NY. Additional travel fees may be assessed for further distances.

Security Overview

Who is this for? This is an introductory session aimed at providing an overview of digital security: Identifying your threat model, password hygiene, safe web browsing, using WiFi and VPNs, email, texting & messaging apps, securing phones & computers, social media and anonymity.

Length: 2 hours, including time for Q&A.
Plus: Every participant receives a follow-up document with detailed information on what was covered.
Price: $200

Need more than an overview? Let’s get detailed.

Let’s do a deep-dive into one or more of the topics you need. Every session starts with identifying and reviewing your threat model: what you’re trying to protect and who you’re trying to protect it from.

Each session is 90 minutes, including a Q&A session. Every participant receives a follow-up document with detailed information on what was covered.

Price is $150 per session, with discounts available for combining sessions.

Personal Security Basics

What’s covered: An in-depth guide to choosing safe passwords and using a password manager to track them; making ‘security questions’ more secure; monitoring the Internet to see if your password has been leaked in a data dump; which web browsers to use and more.

Device Security

What’s covered: Whether you’re using Mac or Windows, Android or iOS, this session will do a deep dive into keeping your devices secure at your home or office and on the go. Topics include: When to run security updates, making safe backups, whether you should use biometrics like TouchID or FaceID, what to do if you lose your device, dealing with someone else’s charging cables, physically locking down computers and more.


There are many reasons to want to remain anonymous online, especially in the age of constant surveillance and digital tracking. Whether you’re looking at sensitive materials or looking up medical conditions, this session will start with a detailed review of who can see what you’re doing online in a number of situations, how to use the TOR browser, the TAILS operating system, SecureDrop and OnionShare for file sharing & transmission and a discussion of what anonymity really means. Plus, an overview of what anonymity on social media looks like.

Social Media & Open Source Intelligence

Nearly everyone is on social media. While Facebook and company have provided new and unique ways for us to keep in touch with each other, these platforms also present unique risks, especially for marginalized communities. Learn how to lock down your social media presence on various platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram, as well as how to perform research on yourself to see what others can find about you.

Need something else? Customize your sessions

If none of those seem to fit your needs, we can customize trainings to address exactly what you’re looking for.

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